Pre Fader Metering!

Wow. I have been using Cubase 9.5 for a long time as a live mixer for my vst synths but I just started trying to mix in Cubase instead of Pro Tools because of some PT problems. I love Cubase and find it very useful for many things but I am floored to find out that there is no option for pre-fader post-insert metering on the mixer board meters! This is nuts! The only way to see exactly what the level entering the channel before it hits the fader is is to bring the fader up to “0”. There is no way to know if you are clipping a signal after your plugins during the course of a mix without the option to have pre fader metering. Why is this not available???

I love everything else about this program and would love to switch to it for mixing, but not if I have to use third party plugins just to monitor my post-insert channel gain levels before they hit the fader… This needs to be available in the DAW.