Pre fader sends?

Hi, It seems that all sends are set to pre fader, I am sending a vocal track to a group channel track and I don’t understand why the signal from the group channel track is reduced if I reduce the main vocal track…if the send is pre fader should not the group channel track level remain untouched :question:

any help would be good…ta :exclamation: :slight_smile:

best, kevin

Hi, where is the main vocal track routed to ultimately( you can show the entire routing chain from the Mixer “E”, then hitting that button on the top), and also what kind of plug-in is inserted I the group track?

Hi, the main Vox track is routed to the main stereo out and there is a doubler inserted on the group track…
there are 3 other effects sends on the main vox, dunno if this has any signifigance :confused:

thanks for your interest… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi, only thing I can think of is either one of the other vocal sends is also ultimately routed to that group, the monitor point isn’t exactly where you think it is, or you’ve made the same error I’ve done in the past, misinterpreting the confusing label of the pre-post toggle.

If none of those, I am stumped also!

I’d suggest doing a process of elimination;’ bypass each effect and routing until you find where it is going out of control.

The Pre-Post icon is so small and I find it is too easy to mis-click on it. I sometimes find I’ve set it to one way or the other completely by accident. Good luck, Kevin.