Pre Gain Automation missing


Here it is.

Or you can search in the manuals.

Unfortunately, the Steinberg comparison table that you sent a link for is very broad brush, as I said, and doesn’t give any details at the level we’ve been discussing. For example, there’s nothing in that information that states whether the Pre-gain as automation lane becomes available at artist level or Pro level. Before I posted on here I scoured the manual for help…possibly I missed it, but I did try everything that seemed relevant and never came across a “only available in Pro/not available in Elements” type of statement. There’s no indication that pre-gain can or cannot be automated, and if not in Elements then in Pro/Artist.

Having worked in Dorico Pro extensively for some time now I’m used to the inadequacies of the manuals. Searching for info can be hugely frustrating if you don’t happen to know the Steinberg word for something. But it seems odd that if a feature you want is available by upgrading to the next level Steinberg wouldn’t want to flag that up.

Even though at the end of the day I’m left with more questions than I started with, I still appreciate all posters’ efforts to help me, so thank you all very much for that.

We can still try to answer the questions.