Pre-gain for midi tracks

Hello, I am switching from using an orchestral template based on instrument tracks to VEPRO style template with midi tracks and multi timbral kontakt

Once issue I have is that controlling the pre gain on the fly with my hardware knob to quickly balance volume is an absolute must have in my workflow. But as you already know it does not exist for midi tracks

Any alternative or workaround please ?

You ask for an alternative for a tool that is not existing?

You should learn how MIDI is working.

Respectfully, your answear does not help me at all. I know the feature does not exist, I like adjusting the volume on the fly and therefore I am asking for a workaround as this forum is full of clever people and it’s the whole point of a forum.
You should go learn how midi work just sound condescending


I’m sure you’re much more MIDI-versed than I, but just out of curiosity-- wouldn’t setting a baseline starting point on your midi tracks’ main volume (MIDI event at the starting point of your template per instrument) and working with faders (or assigning a controller to do same) work for you? I know that sounds so fundamental that I’m sure you’ve considered it, but am wondering why not.



What about to assign the relevant VEPro fader via the Quick Control at every single MIDI Track? Would this work for you?

I didn’t know it was possible to assign Vienna faders to a controller. I don’t know how to do it.

So I need to assign vienna fader to a midi cc inside vienna ensemble pro server, and then assign that midi cc to a hardware controller so that I can transmit it from the midi track inside cubase ?

I was thinking about using cc7 as a gain control too

In case I use vienna faders, does the faders position change in the vienna template each time I save a new project ? Or can the change be saved inside cubase so that the template in vienna stay untouched by further specific change per project
Because I know that the point of using vienna is the decoupling feature so that the cubase project file stay light and we can switch between project while keeping the template loaded’ in vienna


No. The Quick Controls are assignable to any automatable parameter. Open the Quick Controls on the given track and find the wanted parameter from the list.

In the Studio > Studio Setup > Track Quick Control assign the MIDI Controller.

Hello Chewy, by Midi fader you mean this one right ?

If I understand correctly it’s linked to MIDI CC7 therefore to the Kontakt horizontal volume slider. That would be a good option, not perfect tho because if I change this setting for a specific cubase project, then switching to another project while keeping the Vienna template loaded, it will remember the volume balance of the previous project even tho that is not the balance I want for this project. I guess that if I disable “decoupling”, kontakt midi cc7 settings would be saved “inside the cubase project” but it doesn’t change the fact that Vienna will still save those settings and overrule the one of other project.

I don’t know if I am explaining myself correctly


It’s a good practice to have some kind of init MIDI CCs at the beginning of every single track for every project/template.

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Yes little midi events at the beginning of the project.

I guess that what it comes to is that I like to « mix as I compose » but I am trying to use volume balance tools such as midi cc7 that are supposed to be set and forgot like you set with little midi events at the beginning.

@Martin.Jirsak Martin, do you know if it’s possible to control the volume of the corresponding track output inside cubase while the midi track is selected? Or is there maybe a shortcut to make the selection jump to the corresponding output of that midi track


If you use the Quick Controls, these are linked to the selected track. For every single track, you can have up to 8 parameters assigned.

As you can see, here the QC control the cc7 midi volume and not the volume of the output track that’s correspond to this midi track. I am talking about the actual volume of the specific sub-output (either the mixer fader, or the input gain or any other control


Click the Volume parameter to be able to assign any other parameter, please.