Pre-gain - Q-link

I’ve searched the posts but couldn’t find an answer so appreciate your help. Can you link the pre-gains together for selected tracks? Can’t find a way of doing this but would be useful in gain staging. Many thanks, Rob.

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately you can’t this is one of the few parameters, which are not linkable.

I use Blue Cat’s Gain Suite (Free) for this as they can not only be linked (or not) you can have several different groupings. Takes up an insert slot obviously.

Thanks both.

Not as elegant as linking pre gain would be, but I use clip gain.

Hi Martin, I just discovered although it doesn’t apprear in the Channel Link options, if you just link all the selected channels and then go to Pre-Gain section in Mixer console, if you adjust one channel it works for them all! Viola Linked Gain Staging :slight_smile: