Pre Gain vs Event Vol - Difference?


This might be a noob question -> im still learning the ropes…

Is there a considerable difference in adjusting the gain in the pre-routing section of the mixer, or on the actual event window by dragging up on the white box?
The bass I play (Hofner HCT Shorty) has a VERY low input gain (compared to other basses with identical settings on my a.i.)
I like to drag the event volume up so that the transients actually become visually bigger inside the event container, that way its easier to work with in editing…but is there a significant difference in choosing this method over simply adding gain in the pre-routing?

Once you’re inside the computer you’re in the digital domain so it doesn’t really matter where you make your adjustments. Personally I’d find it easier to adjust the pre-gain since once it’s done it can be built into your templates and forgotten about.

It seems strange that it’s such low gain to start off with though…though I see some difference between various guitars it’s never been enough to require this sort of approach.

TY planarchist for such a fast reply and clearing that up.
Now Im going to have to figure out if my Hofner HCT has a defect?? -> I have to add at least +10db gain compared to other bases Ive played through my setup.
Still sounds good after the 10db, but 10 seems like a lot to add doesnt it?

Are you using flat wounds ?
With round wounds my Höfner has a low output.

Yes they are roundwound strings…that arrived with the factory setup (only had the bass for about 6 weeks)
I shall have to try flatwounds.
Cheers for pointing that out :wink:

Is there a logical explanation/theory for this? Just curious…

Nothing I really have thought about it, my Höfner is an old one I guess from the 60’s and I have always played it with flats. A string broke and all I had was roundwounds so I tried them and it sounded extremely thin and had low output.
But man are flat wounds hard on the fingers.