Pre-made expression maps

I would really like to have some additional expression maps of a few Halion Sonic presets, I could not find on the Halion Sonic DVD. I only found 21 of them on the DVD, while there are a lot more presets that can handle expression maps, is that right?

Is there a source from which I can retreive additional expression maps to use with Cubase 5 and Halion Sonic?
I’m aware of the fact I can build them myself, although this is very time consuming.

Or am I missing something and is there a way to retreive an expression map directly from the Halion Sonic preset?

Thnx in advance.

look at :
hope that help :confused:

Cheers Home Studio 87, I did notice that threat, the only problem is I work on Cubase 5 instead of 6. And as far I know it is not possible to import keyswitches with Cubase 5. Would be great though :sunglasses: