Pre master question

My channels are running a bit hot and I need to link all the mixer faders and lower the volume for a -6 pre master. My only issue is if I do that all the channels are going to hit the compression and limiters on the channels with less input so ill have to go in and redo it all.

Is there a way around this?

That would only be the case if you used the compressors post fader, which (in many cases) is not ideal anyway. In any case, the way around this is to lower the master fader.

Thanks. That doesnt seem to be the case with a few things though. Ive got the drum parts on a send (pre fader) to a bus with Fabfilter PRO C doing NY compression. When i link all tracks and turn them down together the input into the comp lowers. This is also the case for cubase stock limiter on some mids. Other things arent affected in this way (ozone dynamics on the sub and some of the stock cubase compressers on other elements)

If the Pro-C is postfader insert then yes, otherwise no.

Anyway - as said, lower the master fader, or if you have threshold dependent Plugins post fader inserted there also, reduce the output level of the last pluginb.

Thanks for help. So you think its ok just to lowering the master to achieve -6 headroom? everywhere im reading says master must be at 0 and chnnel faders max peak at -12. When i do this thought he track loses its sound and sparkle, i guess because the vsts arent being driven as hard? Its not like my channels are that hot anyway, kick peaks at -7.1

Sure, that´s why the master fader is a fader…

If it says “must”, then this is simply Bu11sh1t.