Pre or post-fader inserts change the number of output channels

I’m having a problem and I don’t know if it’s a bug or if I lack knowledge about pro and post fader inserts.

To cut a long story short, I have an FX track with a 7.1.2 reverb (Cinematic Room Pro) that is routed to a 7.1.2 group. So all 10 channels of the source reverb should be reflected in the receiver group. However, if I place the reverb in pre-fader, the group shows only 7. 1 0. without any elevation. If, on the other hand, I move the reverb to post-fader, I get all the elevation, i.e. 10 channels. In both cases, the fader is at 0 and the VST multi-panner is identical. No other plug-ins are inserted.

I don’t see the explanation.

Insert FX pre-fader, at the top of the green dotted line… Watch the elevation meters (Tsl/Tsr).


Insert FX post-fader, bottom of the green dotted line. Watch the elevation meters (Tsl/Tsr).


I mention here that I have opened a support ticket on this subject.

As far as the forum is concerned, and if my question isn’t clear, I’d ask Atmos users to ask me about any aspects that need clarifying.

Many thanks.

Update: I’ve just tested this by creating a group track with the same functions as my FX track. And there’s no problem. So it’s either a bug or a limitation of the FX tracks. If it’s a bug, I don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to be listed. It’s not small. It means that many, many surround productions would have lost the elevation channels at the output of their FX tracks. I can’t believe it. If this is a limitation of the FX tracks, I don’t see any explanation in the manual. Mystery. In any case, I’m turning all my FX tracks into group tracks. No time to lose with that. I hope this thread will be useful to other users.

I don’t use cinematic room so it may not be relevant, but I never had any issue with IZotope Strata3D. or even when I use three instance of REVerence to achieve the same.
Iam on 12 by the way.

could it be something to do with cinematic room.
also try doing it on an empty project with just what I did below. Does it still happen.

Okay, I’ve just produced a bit of the same audio/FX/group/renderer setup in a new test session and the problem doesn’t recur, even with Cinematic room. I’m really puzzled. So the problem is linked to my session configuration or to a corrupted session. The big thing is that this session is huge. I’ll try to find out what could be causing this, but it could be anything. I’ve already done internal session testing by removing plugins and testing new routing and it wouldn’t fix.

p.s. Steinberg tech support is responding to me at the same time as you and they aren’t able to reproduce the problem either.

Update. I’ve just made 2 backups and I can’t find the problem. So the problem is on the last backups or manipulations. I’m still wondering what can create this difference between pre and post inserts, with the faders at 0. Nothing is supposed to do this in any situation, I think.

Update 2. I’ve just reduced my problematic session to its simplest form. An audio track, a reverb, a bed and the Renderer. The problem remains. Even with the test generator, the problem remains. I think it’s a corrupted session. I can’t think of any other explanation.

Update 3 (final). Steinberg Technical support (whom I thank): the session is corrupted. I will revert to a previous session without too much trouble. One thing feels good: I’m not completely crazy and on a desert island.

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:+1: Hi…you can import the tracks one by one and reach a point exactly what’s track/plugin is giving an issue
you can also rebuild the original project this way.

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