pre-owned Mac Pro 2008 for Cubase 6?

I have been running Cubase 6 since it came out on various PCs and an old MacBookPro for location recording. When first I got Cubase, Mac was doing the switch to intel so I about had to get a PC. I’m a retired Music Educator and have been using Macs since the early 90’s and prefer them.
I’m building a new studio and want to get back to Mac but have budget constraints. So… I’m looking at:

Mac Pro 8 Core : Two 3.0GHz Quad-Core 8GB 320GB SuperDrive Intel Xeon 2008 – OS 10.9 Pre Owned

I will likely install a SSD if I get this. I am using the Behringer XR18 for input. It will be dedicated to music production, mainly audio recording, mixing and Mastering.
Should this work OK?
Thanx Much