pre / post on sends ?

First of all Happy Christmas to one and all

now my post .
i want to add a parallel compressor track , but i cant find the pre or post knob in my fx sends …
in c 6 and other cubase versions it is at the top with the “on / off” and “e” buttons …
my Q. is where are these buttons or how do i route my fx sends pre or post ?
thanks in advance

It’s now a right-click on the slot, to open a context menu. “Move to Pre-Fader”. (yes I know… yet another thing that is now more complicated :wink: )

ah thanks man …
wtf that dont make sense … but now i know where it is

do not like this …
i hope this changes soon … pls pls pls
any Mods that care to shed a light on this :cry: :cry: :cry: