pre record count in problems - cubase 10 pro

I’ve had cubase 10 for a while now and ever since I’ve been using it I’ve had issues with record count in. I set it to 2 bars with a click sound, set a loop (say 4 bars) hit record and after my 2 bar count in I start playing. For some reason I just cant fathom, midi notes are recorded with an ‘offset’ the notes I record don’t start as soon as Id started playing them, there is always a ‘gap’. I activate metronome click and set a 2 bar count in, select click while recording, playing & count in. I’ve tried this forum before but nothing I try gets rid of this problem. How on earth am I supposed to record with this gap, its driving me crazy. Can anyone help ? I’ve attached a screenshot of the settings

I’ve experimented a bit and this is what happens

set the count in and start recording.
Hit a note before the count in finishes - play notes - recorded from the start of the track as I expect

yet if I do the same on another track it doesn’t work. Its not supposed to behave like this anyway.
From my attachment you’ll see 2 dark planet tracks where I hit a note before the count in finished and it recorded right from the start

But the SH-01A track was recorded in the same way and its cut the first few bars off

I’ve gone to some tutorials on youtube to see how this is supposed to work and Im doing exactly as directed but it just wont work, this is crazy.

Can someone correct me on the underlying principle here ? surely If I set a count in of 2 bars, then I start playing notes when the 2 bars have counted in, the notes should be recorded as is and not offset or truncated in the way they are here. Is there something fundamental that I’m missing ? Ive been away from recording for many years, have DAW’s changed the way they work ?

can anyone help me out ? I’ve attached a screenshot of the latest ‘occurance’. I set a 2 bar count in, started recording and after the 2 bar count in I started to play notes. When I finished recording and played back, the first 2 bars are missing. I just cant make sense of this, it doesn’t happen all the time either. This cant be right ! I’m now at the point of giving up and abandoning cubase altogether. Please, please, please can anyone show me where this is going wrong ?

Ive attached another screenshot circling the deleted 2 bars. They are deleted despite the fact I actually played them

Not sure what’s going on other than perhaps you’re playing the notes a tiny bit before cubase starts recording and therefore misses the note-on event. I always do an actual pre-roll where I’ll record a bar or 2 before the first note to make sure it doesn’t get chopped off.

Do you have retrospective midi record enabled?

Just throwing ideas at you, could it be related to the midi preference Extend Playback Range of Notes that start before the Part?

“Extends the playback range of MIDI notes that start before the part in ticks. This is useful if MIDI events start shortly before the start of the MIDI part. If you do not extend the playback range, these events are not played. This setting is also taken into account during cycle playback.”

That doesn’t seem to be the problem, I’ve attached a screenshot of my MIDI settings and that particular setting is at 0 ticks

Try setting it to a higher number of ticks. I’m pretty sure “0” means cubase won’t play notes that start before the part.