Pre-roll not always as long as I'd like

not a massive problem - more of a little niggle, but Pre-roll length is rarely as specified in the transport panel on my system…
If I specify a one bar pre-roll ( Cubase often only gives me 2 or 3 beats (plus or minus some arbitrary amount of ticks)
Not normally a big deal unless recording a track while using vst instruments with their own sequencer, or running looped samples, in which case if Cubase doesn’t start exactly on a bar things can get out of sync.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I normally compensate by making the pre-roll just over a whole bar, but it’s a bit of an irritation!

Yeah. This usually happens when my SPL is not placed directly on the beginning of a bar.

Sorry - I don’t understand?

the song position line (spl)

Ah, I see - sorry (Doh!)
Hmm yes - mine seems to do it even if I do start from a whole bar…