Pre-Roll Not being saved

Pre-roll settings are not being saved once you totally close out Dorico. Projects in which you need to have a pre-roll set in order to play beginning grace notes need to have the pre-roll timing reset after closing out of Dorico in order to play even though the project has been saved. If you stay in Dorico and go to another project and then return to your original project the timing stays , but once you totally close out of Dorico the timing is not saved and when you open the project you need to change the pre-roll timing even though the timing shows the pre-roll. When you play the project without resetting the pre-roll it starts playback at the primary note and not the first grace note. This happens with both a project created before the last update and hotfix and with a newly created test project.

I’m unable to reproduce your findings, @gljm99. It really shouldn’t be possible for there to be a difference in whether the pre-roll setting is correctly restored from a saved project depending on whether Dorico was completely quit between sessions editing that project, and indeed I find that not to be the case.

Be careful to make sure that after changing the pre-roll setting, you tab to a different field in the Playback Options dialog: if you don’t, your change won’t be registered by the dialog. You can tell that your change has been registered by the Apply button lighting up, and that if you then press Close at that point, you’ll be prompted that you have changes to apply, and asked whether you want to apply them before the dialog closes.