Pre-roll ONLY when recording?


Is there a way to congifure Cubase to pre-roll ONLY when recording, NOT when playing back?

Any thoughts? Can’t seem to get this right. Thanks



I don’t think so. Wouldn’t Count-In do the job for you?

Not really :frowning:

I still want a pre-roll.

THIS!!! I need this! they should build a preroll on record only.

please make a FR, Pitchline ! :bulb:

If you make a macro

  • Use Pre-Roll
  • Record
  • Use Pre-Roll

Maybe it work… I’m not at studio now to test…


But if you switch it On manually, then the Macro would work the other way around. It’s a switcher and you don’t know the state.

I couldn’t possibly be the first to do that?

Really interesting, I’ve thought about it actually… !

Yes, a FR

"add a simple Checkbox: Pre Roll only when recording" e.g. :exclamation:

yup, for this I have a macro but this is not the best solution, because that macro uses Punch in and the Locator as starting point plus step a bar back etc.
I can post it later if it is interesting.

Never done a FR. Do I look for the request if it’s already there and add something to that post, or do I post a fresh one?

can´t remember that these FR was there. So please post a fresh one! thanks.


I tried it and it worked, but… I want to record during the preroll aswell if something is played… am I asking to much?



  • works !



Actually I solved it like this to get what I want!


hey, also nice! I will try this too ! :sunglasses:

Actually skip the last line, since punch out toggles. One should always keep punch out on. Not sure how to set it off within the macro after recording. Don’t think that is possible.

Hi, I don’t follow how to make this-what are the actual commands? I can’t find in the macro/key command menus. thanks!