Pre-Sale: Assorted Cubasis Questions

Hi -

Whatever help the mods or users can give would be appreciated - thanks!

  1. What is the latency associated with using Cubasis? Is it just the combined latency of the interface and the iPad, or does Cubasis itself introduce some latency? I think I can get the interface latency from the interface web pages … what is the iPad latency (44.1 KHz)? I like to sing with a little “comfort reverb” in the cans, but if the latency is too high, I guess I will need another solution rather than an insert in the Cubasis audio track.

  2. Does Cubasis record in cycle record looping between the locators, with “lanes” on subsequent passes, like Cubase 6.5? Can I do that with a backing track playing?

  3. I understand I can’t import a Cubase project into Cubasis, so I wonder if the best solution is to bounce down to a stereo .wav file in Cubase, then use that as a backing track in Cubasis to overdub new audio and MIDI tracks to.

But how would I get the backing track into the iPad? This youtube from the community thread shows how to bring audio into Cubasis from software like Sampletank or a drum machine, but I’m not sure how to apply that to what I’d like to do - bring audio, like a .wav or FLAC file, into Cubasis from my PC or Soundcloud. I’ve never used a non-PC product so sorry about this one. I think I understand I have to use iTunes … but not sure if that’s the case.

  1. Does Cubasis care which platform the Cubase 6.5 is running on? Even though it is not supported/recommended, my C6.5 runs fine on XP, but I’d hate to go buy an iPad just to find out I can’t import my Cubasis project to XP.

Sorry for the long post - thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

No one? Hoping at least someone from Steinberg tech or sales team would help out. I definitely would want my iPad app to be Cubasis, so am doing my research - thanks!

hey alexis,

sorry for the late response.
Here are your answers.

1.) As Cubasis is doing some signal processing dependently on your arrangement, there will be a tiny latency, like in any other App out in the market. It is optimized to be unnoticeable in most arrangements. We can’t give any numbers, since it differs depending on your IPad, the disk itself and your arrangement in the project. But there is nothing to worry about. Singing with a reverb insert is absolutely fine.

2.) Nope. Unfortunately you cannot set the loop record mode to be stacked. It is a feature request though.

3.) There’s two easy ways to get your audio into Cubasis. Use the WIFi Server provided by the App or ITunes File sharing.

4.) Yes it does. We only support Windows7 / 8 as well as Mac OS X 10.6 · 10.7 · 10.8
So unfortunately there is no official support for XP. There might be a chance it could work, but we never tested it.

Hope this helps for your decision.

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Thank you, Ludwig! :slight_smile:

I will have to wait to buy Cubasis … I would be buying it only for remote vocal recording, which I do in loop mode with new lanes being created with each new loop.

I hope this comes out in 1.7!

In the meantime, I’d love to read about Cubasis’ features currently - can you help me out please with this thread: ?

Thanks again!

Back again, sorry!

Realized I should really ask … how are people using Cubasis to record audio takes?

I know one could just record, press stop/rewind, arm and record again for each take.

But is there something “between” that and cycle recording with lanes that people are doing now until this new feature is implemented?


hi Alexis,

I’m sorry. I mixed something up here. The stacked loop recording is not possible for MIDI but it DOES WORK for Audio Tracks.

So its perfectly fine for your usecases.


Excellent news, thank you!

OK, I’ve always owned only PC products, never even put a fingerprint on an Apple product, so be gentle here please!

Does Apple have a “notebook”-like product, and if so, would Cubasis run on it? Would that be better than an iPad in terms of memory, CPU, etc.?


hi alexis,

Cubasis is only designed for Ipads. For most of the other Apple products Cubase would be the daw of your choice.

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Thank you, Ludwig -

Hi - just checking, is Cubasis (and Cubasis LE) still iPad only, no Android cell phones, etc.?

It’s iPad only. I wouldn’t count on seeing an iPhone version and especially an Android version any time soon.

Hey, thanks for the update Rich303. I’ll check back in a few years!