Pre Sales Questions


I have an iPhone 4 and I was considering getting iC Pro for some -very- simple remote control of Cubase 7.01 Win64 from a separate drum room.

  1. Does it work reliably (iPhone 4 and C7)?

  2. My wants are few. I want to be able to simply:
    a) select a channel
    b) arm the channel
    c) hit record
    d) hit stop
    e) select the marker to redo if necessary

I ask because, frankly, I looked @ iC ‘free’ and it looked -far- simpler. It seems like iC Pro is geared more for an iPad and much more complex stuff. Also, I may have been mistaken, but from the docs I couldn’t see how to switch tracks with iC Pro.

Please advise.



Wow. These seem to be pretty basic questions.

Any happy customers? Win7 iPhone4?



It works reliable here and you can do those steps with iC Pro.

Thanks Ed.

  1. I thought I read some comments that said one cannot select a channel.

  2. Also… is there a way to get the ‘simplified’ UI in ‘regular’ IC? I don’t need all the channel strips… I really just want to use it as a transport control from another room. On a small screen, the simpler the better.

  3. I know it’s not expensive, but is there a ‘demo’? Or some screen shots?



I realize official minimum requirements for Cubase is 6.5, but has anyone tried v6 to see if it works anyway?

I posted a review on the Apple App Store and gave it two stars. I suggest that you check various forums and reviews on the web for opinions. Depending on your particular needs this app might be well worth the low $17 cost, for others the free non-Pro version might do just as well. I did not do the due diligence, so for me it is a bit lackluster and probably should have tried the freebie first. Best of luck.

The free one is no use to me if it can’t at least change tracks!

If you mean arm the track to record, you can do that IC Pro. For me, I can arm it at the PC and then punch via the IC. It all depends on your needs. As I found out, it’s easy to spend $17 for options that you don’t need and not get those that you do. Good luck.