Pre-sales questions

I am thinking of getting Padshop Pro in order to complement my analog sound with some digital, exotic sounds. So I have been checking some reviews and videos today, and stumbled upon this, where at around 3:45 the guy speaks about a bug in it. Has that been fixed by now?

Are there other bugs in it or is it a solid plugin?

Is it very demanding in terms of CPU?

Yeah, I know I could simply download the demo, but afaik granular synths are huge, can’t waste hundreds of MB of my monthly traffic just like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does Steinberg have a support forum when they don’t care?
This is my second topic, and it seems I am wasting my time. Other users as well, judging from their questions in other topics that never get answered by Steinberg employees, who surely are on this board as well.

So, Steinberg employees, don’t bother replying here anymore, your company does simply not deserve my money, which you don’t seem to need, anyway, judging from your behavior. Just like I did not buy Retrologue due to the lack of precise answers to my questions, I won’t buy anything else from you, either.


If you need direct responses, then the forums are not the place to ask. These pages are intended for User-to-User only. The SB folk do often read and visit and reply to some topics, sometimes… but this isn’t Tech Support.

Write to them via email, or via a support ticket in your MySteinberg account. Or, you can phone them.

Can’t waste hundreds of MB watching video’s to find the question you want an answer to just like that.

No, it is a solid plugin.


FYI, granular synthesizers aren’t huge, though their audio library could be.