Pre-Sales/System Design Help - 5:1 x 24?

I’ve been a Cubase user since VST v3 or somewhere around there, and have owned everything from the full-blown version to the lesser versions (very confusing). A few versions ago, Steinberg introduced the Control Room feature and my question has to do with this, since the current version I’m running (v4 Studio) didn’t implement this feature. I am designing a LBE experience where I need to run twenty-four, 5:1, surround sound mixes. Ideally, there would be 2 unique 5:1 mixes; 12 of one mix, and 12 of the other. Purchasing a hardware matrix mixer would be cost prohibitive. But perhaps integrating Control Room capabilities with some mondo audio interface would do the trick? From what I’ve read on the web, it may be possible. Has anyone ever done something like this? Or could a knowledgable moderator comment? Thank you.