Pre-Sends gain/Insert Point/Master pre-send trim

In the expanded ‘edit channel settings’ window, it would be great if the sends section had a pre-send gain stage, and or, it’s own dedicated VST insert - to insert and EQ or gain plug-in.

So this gain/insert stage would be POST inserts on the channel, but pre-sends.

You might ask, why not do this with your individual send level…

Theorize you are using all your sends to their own effects - all 8.

Now, you’ve also mixed the track a bit, you’ve had some effects/processing inserted on the channel and you are happy with it, but come mix time, you realize you want the overall post-insert/pre-fader volume of the channel louder, but you don’t want to change the channel volume/send level ration.

As far as I can see - there is no way to do this. There should be either a master trim for sends section, or trims pre-send-fader for each send.