Pre-staff and partial staff notation

I am trying to notate a pre staff notation selection (for beginning students to read off staff using contour). Also, I am trying to notate using partial staff notation similar to how Music tree introduces reading music on the staff with only 2 lines and increasing slowly to the grand staff. Is there a way to notate pre and partial staff notation in Dorico?


Welcome to the forum, Devin.

Dorico doesn’t provide any easy way to create a pitched staff with no lines or only, say, two lines. Various workarounds are possible, but it’s not something that the software natively supports at the moment.

Thanks for your reply, dsreadbury-
I’m a new Dorico user, but I am interested to learn how to use the various work arounds you mentioned so that I could create pre and partial staff notation. Could you elaborate on what these workarounds are? Or, do you know of any resources you can point me towards that could help me figure out how to do so on my own?

Thank you!

You can check e.g. this thread: