Pre-Upgrade questions - VST rack resizable? Channel Strip hideable? Etc

Hi all. I’m still on Cubase 6. Reason being a couple of years ago I bought Elements 8 (or 9) for use on my work computer at my last job for times where things were quiet so I could mess around with a side project. I couldn’t stand the new VSTi Rack - it was soooo huge and wasted too much screen space. At the time I don’t even think quick controls could be hidden. Anyhow, I use a lot of VSTi’s with straight up midi tracks and much prefer the old rack. Same goes for the mixer, I use all VST’s for EQ, compression, etc. I don’t ever use a channel strip.

So I’ve been interested in finally upgrading but would first like to know:

  1. Is it now possible to greatly reduce the size of the VSTi rack?
  2. Is the mixer channel strip hideable?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Depends, but the right zone can be adjusted in size and you can also hide the right zone.
  2. Yes

Yes the strip is hideable, however there is no way to hide only the mixer (channel slider and all the buttons around the channel slider) which would be advantageous to allow more real estate for users that don’t need the slider and buttons…ie people who use a DAW controller.

You can also hide and show mixer channel strips based on mix configurations.