Precisely set automation nodes?

Is there a way to position automation nodes precisely?

What I mean is, suppose I want to set volume node at -5.98 db. Dragging it up and down with the mouse gets it in the ballpark, but to get it really close is frustrating and time-consuming. So I usually end up settling for -5.73 or -6.12. Seems to me there must be a way to open a box where I can type in the exact value, but I can’t seem to find it.

Can someone point me in the right direction, or should I make this a feature request?

The info line will allow you to type in values for nodes. It will even do relative changes if you multi-select.

you can type in values in these places … there are other places you can do it in various editors as well. But the two indicated are the most common.

Thank you! I knew it had to be easy.

(Although the second, lower option in your picture seems to work in Cubase, but not Nuendo, where it causes a fader to pop up instead)

Just remember that the value shown can be weird. Make sure you know which one is being referenced. I’ve made that mistake more times than I care to count.

I don’t believe the second, lower option (the value box in the track controls) can be used to edit automation points (i.e. nodes). It can be used to set the value of an automatable parameter when the automation read is off. If the read is on, it only displays the current value of the parameter (at the cursor).

You are correct, I should have been more specific.