Precount beat not sounding out

OK I attempted my first project that turned out decent. I tried a second song and the precount beat isn’t sounding, even though the box is checked for it to sound out. I didn’t change any settings between the 1st and 2nd song. How do I fix this?

I think steinberg needs to work on making Cubase more user friendly. I’m pretty computer techie and not afraid to try anything with a computer. I’ve taken PC Troulbeshooting and Repair classes (hardware, software, networks) and took two of the Comptia exams. However this Cubase software has me pulling out of my ear. First it was quite troublesome just to download it. I never purchased a software USB key, it didn’t come with my version, so every time my computer crashes, reactivating the key has always been a bad dream. It’s always a headache and a mess. Why has Steinberg made it so cumbersome to download a simple program when there are free recording suites on the internet (Audacity and MixPad Multimix that are very easy to download and start using?
That’s just my opinion and I know what they say about opinions-everybody has one.

I’m a newbie but I’ll add this in case it helps anyone…I had this problem until I found that I’d hit by accident the sync toggle button in Transporter window (immediately right of Record)- resetting this (should show INT next to it) restored the precount to working (although it was Toggled on, and set up correctly)

Thanks I’ll jot that down. I’m keeping a notebook of helpful hints for my own troubleshooting.