Precount Metronome

Hi there. I bought Cubasis wo days ago to Play aroung in iPad. Normaly i am working in cubase 9 pro. Now in cubasis i have a Problem with the precount which isnt there. In the options i did two Bars but when arming a Track the Recording Starts immediately after pressing the Record Button. Any tips what i do. wrong?

Hi spacebrain,

Welcome to the Cubasis family!

Please tap on the tempo display in the main menu to open its corresponding popup which also houses the recording modes section (punch in/out, pre-roll, count in).

To learn more, please have a look at the Project View/Transport Panel chapter in the in-app help of Cubasis.

Additionally, please find lots of tutorials on our Cubasis resources website, which might be useful in settings things started quickly with Cubasis: Compare the Versions of Cubasis | Steinberg.

Have great fun using Cubasis!