PreCount Playback before recording marker


I just don’t how, or if this is able to be done.

Let’s say I have my left marker set at measure 16. What I would like to do is be able to have playback start at measure 8, when I have the punch in set to 16.

Is there a way where I can just go to the left marker, and then hit record, and have it go back to measure 8 (then having the normal punch in at measure 16?

Or do I need to set a marker at measure 8, and just use the marker to get back to 8, hit record, and then have the punch in begin at measure 16?



Use preroll

Ya know, I’m such an idiot. I’ve been using Cubase since VST, and just never used pre-roll. Finally just got frustrated, and thought I’d ask. Man, I still have so much to learn and pay attention to