PREF Legato mode = never stored


for years now i have never been able to store the Preference under EDITING / MIDI Legato Mode: Betweeb Selected Notes Only.
i always select it and all the other paramters i need in Preferences, i store my configurations and reload one i need.
the parameters i save are loaded correctly but never ever the dam “Legato Mode: Betweeb Selected Notes Only” that is always unchecked.
anyone having this ? i had this on nuendo 7, 8 and no 10.
could you please check for me ? i’m starting to think i’m crazy.

Nuendo 8 - the same here. First time I see preferences are not saving!

But are you talking about this pref specificaly or others too ?

I mean exactly “EDITING / MIDI Legato Mode: Betweeb Selected Notes Only”. This one is not saving. Maybe there’re more not-saving preferences, I’m not sure now.