Preference: Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends - what does it do?

The manual tries to explain what it does, but through experimenting I am not able to get any difference between having the preference on or off.

The manual says:
If this option is activated, the layering of MIDI instruments (by MIDI sends) is also active within the MIDI editors. This way, the acoustic feedback of the editors sends the MIDI data not only to the output selected for the track, but additionally through any MIDI inserts and MIDI sends assigned to it. However, this also means that MIDI events will be sent through any MIDI plug-ins assigned to this track.

I thought what that means is that if I’m using MIDI sends going to several instruments that when I open the midi clip in a midi editor that I will still be able to hear all the instruments. However I am indeed able to hear all the instruments regardless of it being on or off. Any ideas?


It works as described in the manual to me, here.

While playback, the MIDI data is always going to the Sends (and Inserts). This preferences is about the Acoustic feedback, i.e., when you click to the MIDI Note in the Key Editor.

And when you unclick the preference what do you hear? I still hear the instruments that are being sent the midi.

Let me be clear what I’m doing to make sure I am trying to do the correct thing:

I create a midi track
I create three instrument tracks and load a synth in each track.
On the midi track I set midi input and output to “not connected”
On the midi track I opened up “MIDI sends” and I sent to each of the three synths.
I then created a 4 bar midi clip in the midi track and opened it with the “Key Editor”
I push on the visual keyboard in the key editor and I hear all three synths.
I change the preference and I still hear all three synths.


When I disable the preferences, I cannot hear the sound.

Yes, this is true for the left-hand virtual keyboard. This one is sending the MIDI data always thru. The Preferences is about the audio feedback while selecting the MIDI note.

There is no difference on my system. The only thing that affects whether I hear the note is if I enable or disable the “acoustic feedback” button in the editor itself-regardless of my preference setting.

EDIT: ah-ok I got it. Boy that is a bit of a weird preference! Basically all it does is make the “acoustic feedback” button work or not work. Seems pointless since there is a button there.

No, the preferences does what does it say. So if the Feedback (preview) is sent thru MIDI Inserts and MIDI Sends. Try it with MIDI Insert effect.

As I said I got it working. I have the midi sending through a midi send to an instrument. What I’m saying is that all it does is make it so the “acoustic feedback” button in the midi either works when you enable/disable it or it doesn’t work when you enable/disable it. It’s a strange preference. It’s like offering a preference that says “check this box to make it so your mute button does or doesn’t work”.

This is true for your specific scenario. But (as I said) the preferences has different impact in different scenarios.

If you get a moment could you write the steps you do to reproduce the behavior your are talking about? I’m obviously missing something and I’d like to understand. Thanks!


  • Add an Instrument track, and add any MIDI Insert (for example MIDI Echo).

  • Play

=> You can hear the Echo.

  • Make sure the Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends is enabled.

  • Click any MIDI Note in the Key Editor.

=> You can hear the source MIDI Note, and the MIDI Insert MIDI Echo.

  • Disable the Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends.

  • Click any MIDI Note in the Key Editor.

=> You can hear the source MIDI Note only, no MIDI Inserts.

The same is applied for MIDI Sends.

Ah interesting-I see now. Thanks!