Preference Bugs

I have noticed the following Bugs in Cubase 6, all versions MAC - In the Cubase preferences menu, I have set the preference to open the default project upon startup. This never works. BUG?

In addition, when working on any project, I go to Meternone Setup and configure the click to one of my MIDI outputs. I then save the project. In all previous versions of cubase, when I open the project in the future, everything is right where I left it. In Cuibase 6.03 and 6.04, Cubase forgets the settings every time I close a project and I have to reset everytime I work on the project from “Not COnnected”. BUG?

When opening the List editor, I drag the boundary lines for the left columns to where I want them. Every time I close and reopen the List Editor, the boundry lines keep creeping to the right and shorten the window space for the working material. After about three times of doing this, I have to redrag the list window to the left. This is annoying.

Any help would be appreciated.