Preference Colors (and why features are removed in C7)

Am I missing something in Cubase 7, or have many of the coloring options in Preferences been removed?

If they have, and this goes back to a complaint I had not long ago, why are functions/features/preferences in Cubase being taken out which worked perfectly fine in previous versions and were never discussed? If nobody posts a forum thread about certain functions/features/preferences, that means they work great! That doesn’t mean nobody uses them anymore!

Sadly, you are not missing anything…

I summed up the UI regresssions made since 6.5 that, among other things, keep me from using C7 here.

These features were indeed working perfectly and, AFAIK, nobody asked for such changes. They probably have something to do with future tablet/‘Nuage’ integration, at the expense of crippling the workflow of a lot of other Cubase users who won’t be concerned. I would have liked, at least, Steiny to take them on.

So, still also waiting for explanations… :arrow_right: