Preference file managemnt prior to update to 6.05 from 6.00?

Hi -

Preparing for the 6.05 update, from 6.00. Just finished imaging my drives first. XP SP2.

I’ve read some stuff that makes me wonder - is it generally recommended to delete all the data in the preference folder
( , copying the preferences to another folder on the hard drive, e.g.) before updating? Will my current preferences, if left in place, cause problems with the update process?

It’s my default template, that I spent a lot of time setting up, that I’m wondering about the most. If I am supposed to empty the preference folder before updating, do you folks think it’s generally OK to reimport the default template, or is that just asking for trouble and I should just suck it up and rebuild it?

Thanks for any advice!

X.0.0 > X.0.5 No
5.0.x > 6.0.0 Yes
Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.
But back it up before and if something seems broken after the fact you can just pop a file or two back into the preff folder.

Updating from one Major version to another I usually change the name of the folder of the older version.
That way the sparkling pink new version not find any old files.
So far that has at not least generated any troubles.

Templates are no different, back them up and and pop them back into place.
Same with Key Commands and stuff like that.

This is soooo boring but when it’s done you know you can go to sleep with a smile on your face! :sunglasses:

Howling Ulf - Reading your post brings that smile to my face … and I’m not even sleep-posting!

Thanks so much -