Preference for "burst" of midi CC's (PAN!)?

Been happily working in Cubase for a few months now and things are good. Coming from long time of DP. Hopefully I can explain this clearly.

What I found is that if I set a midi track and pan it say off to the right, do my thing, everything is cool. I go to another project (same template), and I take that same instrument and pan it to the left. Then I found that if I go BACK to the first project i was working on, that very same instrument that I had panned to the Right in this project is now on the left!

BTW - I use VEPro on a slave Machine Decoupled and Preserved from the Cubase project. Thus enabling me to have a large template and switch in between cues (projects) relatively quickly…

If I have to record a midi Pan data thing for every track then so be it, but what threw me off was in DP, you don’t have to do things like that. The moment you press PLAY, it reads where all the midi stuff is - volume, pan, mod wheel, etc. they call it “Chasing Midi events” which is actually a preference.

So i’m curious if Cubase has the same thing. And if not, and I have to put in a Midi CC Pan (is it 10?) then I can, but seemingly you can’t do that from the Midi Pan fader in the inspector, cause that’s a whole other thing… so i’m just confused how other people handle this situation.