Preference "Mute Pre-Send when Mute" is not saved

Hi. There is a vst preference called “mute Pre-Send when Mute” that can be un ticked or ticked. I have this unticked. The thing is that this preference is not saved saved for me so I always need to go in to Prefs and unstick every time I load Cubase.

Anyone else with this behaviour or is it just me?


Log an issue in the Issues sub-forum.

claesbjo- I can confirm that, same here.

On my system retains it’s ticked/unticked state. Maybe Mac specific?

Hm… good question. So I restarted Cubase with prefs disabled, and it now remembers the setting. So it is a prefs corruption, but I suspect that there is something causing it. Maybe some other related setting that conflicts? (that would be a bug…)

This bug has been around for about 5 years or so. I have begged and pleaded with Steinberg to fix this for all these years - to no avail.

Back in June of 2012 I was FINALLY able to get SB support to replicate this bug and admit there was a problem, yet with every update I find that it is still there. Part of the problem appears to be that I was one of the only people on the planet who seemed to even know that the preference existed and did not function properly.

It is really frustrating to set up a cue mix and have the mix to the artist disrupted when I solo a channel in the control room. The behavior of a side-chained plug-in is also affected if you only solo the channel with the plug-in and not also the channel(s) sending to the side-chain input.

Maybe if people make some noise about this it will get some attention.

Have you found a repro? If so can you post it?

Hi guys,

I wasn’t able to reproduce it here, Windos nor Mac, Cubase 7.5.10 and Cubase Artist 7.5.10, german and english. If I thick or unthick the option in the preferences, it will stay the same the next time I open Cubase.


Hi, yes this is how it behaves. If you just open cubase without loading a song, prefs are correct. If you load a song, then prefs change.

If you open a project and uncheck “Mute pre-send when Mute”, save it, and then close the project it will usually stay that way until you open up a different project. The problem is that if you open that same project back up again (before you open another) it will appear to be working properly, but as soon as you start opening other projects the option will be “ticked” again.

Happens EVERY time! No matter what I do, this option absolutely will not stay unchecked - incredibly annoying and frustrating 5+ year old bug.

Correcting your original post to this might help narrow things down.


Hi, yes this is how it behaves. If you just open cubase without loading a song, prefs are correct. If you load a song, then prefs change.

from your last reply.

On my system these steps reproduce the issue.

  1. Remove Cubase prefs folder
  2. Launch Cubase
  3. Uncheck pref “mute Pre-Send when Mute”
  4. Load Empty project, open prefs
    pref remains unchecked
  5. Save project
  6. Close Project
  7. Reopen Project, open prefs

Result: “mute Pre-Send when Mute” is now checked.

yep thats it!

Hi there,

ok I was able to reproduce it but after talking to our product specialists, they said that this is not a bug but it works as intended. The reason for this is that this setting should be project related and not a global preference. Since the global preferences can not be saved within the project, the next time you open a project the preference will be back to its default state.


Hi, thanks for your investigation and explanation! But if this setting is project related, surely the logical thing would be if it was saved with your project? Now it is always ticked when you load project, even if you save your project and have the setting unticked.



This is absolutely ridiculous…

Every project I have I can uncheck the preference and it ALWAYS gets checked again after opening other projects. When I uncheck it for a specific project, it should not be ever checked again for that project unless I check it. As I pointed out in the last post, it will stay unchecked if you close the project and open it back without opening anything else, but once you open other projects it will be checked again when you go back to the project that you unchecked it in.

This simply does NOT work properly. I don’t care if the option is global or per project, I just want it to remember what choice I made and not keep checking an option that I unchecked.

It makes absolutely NO sense to make an option project specific when it cannot be saved - NONE. Make the option global if need be so that we can choose what default behavior we want. While we are in a project we will have the ability to toggle the option either way if desired. The way it is now is incredibly annoying for those of us who do not want the option checked by default.

Luis’ explanation does appear, at least to me, to need some clarification, (1.) since there are no other settings that work in this manner.

Luis, are you saying that this is a per-project setting that is saved neither with the project, nor with the global defaults? Yes, it seems like you said that, but… GOTO (1.) :wink:

P 238 in the manual for those who need to know. Only mention of this. And this small line, probably often overlooked

might have a bearing.
Could be that the FX channels and / or channel settings themselves might override this Preference.

Just a thought. Can anyone clarify that this affects JUST Cubase as the quote I reference says “Cubase only”. ie: Does this happen with Cubase Artist or Elements too? Just to see if what I’m thinking there is correct.
That when a “Mute pre-send when mute” is preferenced that an unmuted send FROM an FX channel using any pre-send might nullify the preference.
Maybe another preference needed for the FX channels? Maybe there already is? But it looks like a bit of a feedback loop thing to me at the moment.

Hi Claesbjo,

global preferences are saved in Cubase’s preferences folder, not in the .cpr file. The actual issue here is that this particular setting should be a project setting, because it changes the sound of your mix. That is the reason why the setting goes back to default every time, because it can’t be saved in the project and, again, it is not a global setting!

Nevertheless our developers are investigating the possibility of a different solution.


Hi, would be great if this Kafka-esque behavior could soon be fixed! This is indeed a sound changing setting, an should as that be considered a high priority fix.

Thank you