Preference Options to Disable Features/Services Not Needed By Some Users

4th installment of this request…

Please add a preference option to disable certain services that are not required by some Cubase users. When these options are unclicked, the associated .dll should not be triggered at the next CB startup and the associated FLS slot should be freed up. I think this would improve overall CB performance for those who do not need these services.

Please add to the list as you think of them.

Hub - Separate preferences for the left side (News & Tutorials) and for the right side (Projects)
VST Connect

Links to similar in the CB 8 & 9 FR area.

Link deleted from the CB 7 FR area?

Regards :sunglasses:

Absolutely agree! + 1

As it is, I currently remove unneeded features/services via the “Components” folder (and a few others). I would strongly support any efforts to offer users the ability to streamline Cubase according to needs, no more - no less. I would actually prefer to do this during the installation process by accessing an advance page offering this flexibility. But…, I’m easy. :sunglasses:

+1 Would be nice

+1 no need for left hand side of HUB.
Option to turn it off please.
Just a list of previous projects.


Using “CTRL + N” will display the dialogue box you’re looking for. This will also allow you to remove the “hubservice.dll” file from the components folder giving you an extra FLS slot. This will also remove the main menu bar “Hub” pull-down menu. Good luck!