Preference: Save Control Room Inserts with Project + Control Room Insert Presets

this would be a user preference.

I think i might prefer Control Room Inserts being saved on a per project basis in the .cpr rather than being a Global entity.

For one, if an A/B Reference plugin is being used like APDTR Metric AB, i’m going to be loading in reference mixes that are relative to each project.

Secondly, in using Span Plus, I’m doing multi-channel spectral analysis and I feel like having this on the control room inserts might mess up the internal plugins portal routing .

There’s are few other reasons, might need different analysis plugins for different projects, or different settings.

Analysis Control Room insert plugins might be tied to project workspaces etc, etc.

I’m so OCD about using templates, so all of this would be organized for me on a per project type basis.

If this was done though, and eitherway, it would also be handy to be able to save Control Room insert presets.



Actually, I’m rethinking my idea a little bit.

There could be a little menu somewhere by the Control Room inserts, the menu would popout these options:

Selecting Global would switch to whatever last global configuration was created. There should be a way for the user to save the Global into the project.
Selecting project would change to saved project configuration.
and selecting ‘Preset’ would open preset window to select a previously saved Control Room Insert preset