Preference "Scroll to selected track" does not work at all

If I uncheck “scroll to selected track” in the preferences (under project and mix console), the mixer continues to scroll and ignores the preference. At the moment, I want the mixer to stay fixed, even though I’m selecting some other tracks in the track list.



It was always like this. The Preferences says Scroll to selected Track no Channel. This preferences prevents from scrolling in the Project window, when the Channel is selected in the MixConsole. Not vice versa.

Maybe the Sync Selection in Project Window an MixConsole preferences would fit to your need better.

Looks like a little glitch, I fix it this way…

-Disable “Scroll to selected track” checkbox
-Click “Apply”
-Enable “Scroll to selected track” checkbox
-Click “Apply”
-Click “Ok”

Hope this fix the glitch for you…

Confirmed. That worked. Thank you!