Preference setting to remove note labels in Key Editor

As a Cubase noob I was surprised to discover that there is no canonical way to turn off note labels in the Key Editor. They serve no useful purpose to anyone who knows music, and I find them distracting. If you zoom way out to shrink them way down they go away but I don’t always like to work that tiny. The other problem is that they can create cognitive dissonance because depending on your composition you might think of certain notes as flat but Cubase defaults to labeling them sharp. You can work around this up to a point by adding a chord track, but that only works if you’re working in a conventional musical form corresponding to the available chords and/or are willing to keep adding new chords as your composition evolves, and regardless of whether you actually need a chord track for anything.

It would be very simple to just add a Preference to turn off note labels altogether since they are seldom necessary. So that’s my feature request.