preference to disable auto-selection of events?

C10.0.10 Pro on Windows 10.

I was trying to delete several events. Hold shift and select some with the mouse. Delete. Then go select more. Delete. Etc. I eventually found more events missing than I had intentionally deleted.

I finally noticed that after deleting the first set of selected events that Cubase would perform the operation and then automatically select some other event (seemed like the next one on the last track of whatever I was deleting). When I went to shift-select more events I didn’t realize one was previously selected. So, it got added to the shift group and deleted. Repeat.

I have to shift-select, delete, and the click in empty space or deselect all before performing the next selection and deletion. Can this last step be avoided? Is this a preference?



Shift + double-click selects all events from the place where did you double-click to the end of the track.

Make sure you didn’t double-click, please.