Preference to return to lock cursor to time instead of bars

With 8.5 update the cursor behavior has changed. Now when you edit tempo the cursor remains stationary. This has slowed down my workflow as a film composer. Before I could move my cursor to a point in my video and then adjust the tempo to slide the cursor to a particular beat. It was fast and didn’t require any extra tools.

I know some will suggest using the time warp tool. My main issue with the timewarp tool is that it adjusts the tempo to the 1000ths place. I don’t need anything that accurate, I just want the tempo to stay near whole numbers or maybe just eh 10th’s place. I tempo of 96.638 is not really needed. Now I know I can go back and change the tempo to the nearest whole number but that makes it a multiple step process when before it was a one step process.

Now I can see the advantages to having the cursor remain stationary as well. All I ask is Steinberg, when you change something that has been a function/behavior in your program for a decade, just make a preference that allows uses to use the old way if we prefer. This also applies to the recent time signature adjustment where you can no long add time signatures with the transport.