preferences are not being remembered....

anyone notice that all the pref’s that are setup revert back…even colors and i even saved them to a file

No, I don’t. Do you change the Preferences, then click OK, and is it just gone immediately?

Are you running Cubase as administrator?

Kind of hard to know what setting that are project specific and which are global. Track colors are project specific if I’m not mistaken, so project templates is the way to go.


Everything what is in the Preferences window, is a Global settings.

I did notice some things as well.
Templates or even existing songs [basically like a quick changeover template] as starting points are the way to go.

Otherwise, I have to do things like go into VST Connections and reload my saved Ins and Outs layout which I learned to save as a preset long ago. Luckily it’s only a few mouse clicks, but it gets to be a PITA after a while.

And Seyoum’s colour patches have to be loaded in again.

VST Connections Inputs and Outputs are not global settings at all. These are project settings.

If you go to the ‘Project Colours’ setup window, in the dropdown menu at the bottom, choose ‘Save Current Set as Program Defaults’. Then you will always have the colour set that you want even in a new project. Works for me anyway.

Ok, thanks Martin and J-S-Q.