Preferences > Editors, add Open Arranger Editor

Request to Add the following to Preferences > Editors

  1. Open Arranger Track Editor

Marker Track Editor opens with Ctrl+M, Tempo Track Editor opens with Ctrl+T, I’d like a similar command to open the Arranger Track Editor. These items are listed under Preferences > Project, so perhaps Projects and not _Prefs. > Editor_s or Prefs. > Arranger is the most logical place for this command to reside. I don’t mind where it goes, but it would be a very useful shortcut for me and it think anyone using the Arranger Track system.

Rationale: While the Arranger Track can be Selected with the PLE and activated and de-activated by Key Command or the Button on the F2 Transport Panel, the actual Arranger Editor can not be opened via Key Command. I’d find this a very useful addition to Cubase, if possible.

Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile:

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