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I used the sale and bought Cubase Pro. Todyay the dongle arrived. So: is there an easy way how to transfer settings from Elements to Pro? Does Cubase do it by itself? I didn’t find a word on this topic anywhere.
Thank you.

I don’t know if there is an easy way to transfer settings.

  1. You can just update your Elements to Pro version, that should keep your original set up untouched. There is a lot more customisation options in Pro so you will probably be changing everything anyway.
  2. Check this link
    This should tell you where all your presets and settings are stored.


Rename your Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5 preferences folder to Cubase 10.5 folder.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase _X__64