Preferences: Filter Out Midi Controllers -- what does that mean?

I’ve scowered both the Dorico RTFM ('Read The F–ing Manual") and queried Google, and I’m still stumped.

If I select Preferences | Play | Recording | Filter Out Midi Controllers – what exactly does it filter out?

  • Continuous controllers (e.g CC7 = Volume) seems like a safe bet

But what about, for example, Program Change messages?

Does selecting this option mean just Continuous Controllers like CC7 = Volume are filtered out (which “Filter Out Midi Controllers” would imply), or does it mean it Dorico filters out everything except Note On/Off messages? Or something else?

I think it filters out all CC events (incl. sustain).

I’ve just experimented by using the little green dot down the bottom-right of the window as a reference, with it selected (the dot flashes when you pedal/pitch bend/whatever) and deselected (dot doesn’t flash).