Preferences Folder

Where do I find it for CS5 in Vista 64?

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Thanks for the hit mashedmitten!
Strange, I looked in that very place and it doesn’t exist. I went to “system drive\user\my name” and that’s as far as I got. There was no “appdata” folder in “my name” folder. There was an “appdata” folder on the same page as “user” and “public” but there was no pref folder in it.
This happened to me before and then it dawned on me where I found it then. It was in “start\programs\steinberg cubase studio 5\cubase application data folder.”
I went to “system drive\user\my name” to put an appdata folder in so I can have it in the proper place but it told me that that folder already exists there. If it does, it’s invisible.
Any thoughts?

I haven’t been on Vista for about a year or so, but I think it’s the same as 7 …

Open your user folder

Click Organize

Folder and search options


Show hidden files, folders, or drives



AppData should now be “visable”

There it is! Thanks Scab! :slight_smile: