Preferences gone and Plugin scanning happening on every startup! Help!


So as the title says, I’m running in to this issue. This has happened before and I remember that it magically went away as magically as it appeared. I did a bit of research on the topic at the time, and a big solution was using Profiles. However, this doesn’t work for me. None of the settings and preferences that I “save” in a profile are remembered. I’ve tried multiple profiles and restarting Cubase to engage them… no dice - every time it’s like I freshly installed Cubase.

What on earth causes this? I can definitely say I had some type of event where my computer was acting strangely (Windows 10) and when I tried to fire up Cubase, it froze up while in startup. I manually restarted the computer after waiting for it for about 15 minutes just to be sure. This was yesterday I believe.

I’ve also tried restore points and restoring my computer to the state it was in yesterday. This also did not help.

Does anyone have any insight? Going through the process of scanning plugins, creating key commands, and establishing input and outputs day to day is unacceptable. Actually, not even day to day, it’s more like every time I start Cubase.

Thanks everyone for any help you can give!

Kicking this back up as it keeps happening.

Preferences GONE. It only happens once or twice a week. But I have to rebuild EVERYTHING every time. The plugin scanning doesn’t seem to happen, but what is Cubase 12 doing that this keeps happening? I’m making absolutely sure the app shuts down completely before turning my computer off. Has this / is this happening to anyone else?

hard to say - possibly crashing on exit so not successfully saving preferences ?

what does it say in your windows event log (application log) ?