Preferences in trail version

Does anyone know, If I set preferences, key shortcuts and macros in the trial version will I have to reset them when I get the full version?

No. Once Cubase 6 creates its prefs folder it will continue to use it until you rename it (e.g., for troubleshooting a problem).

Subsequent Cubase update versions try to load previous versions’ prefs too, though that is sometimes problematic as you will see if you get a chance to browse the forum.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I can get on and set it up now. Yes I have seen the issues around updating the pref folder just was not sure if those problems apply updating from the trial to the full version. anyway as the full version has not turned up in NZ yet I’ve downloaded the trial for now so will see how it goes.

Ah, good idea, so I can download the trial version while I wait for the upgrade in the mail? Been waiting over 3 weeks here.

Yep, that’s what I’m doing…