Preferences Item Missing

:astonished: The menu for controlling what happens on startup is missing from the “General” page of the preferences. In Cubase 6.5 (and if I remember correctly) earlier versions there was an “On Startup” drop down menu on the Prefernces/General page. This seems to have been replaced with “Run Setup on Create New Project” and “Use Steinberg Hub” tick boxes. Personally I can’t see any use what so-ever for the Steinberg Hub. The lack of the ability to start the last used project on program launch however, is a BIG omission IMO.

This is on the PC platform, and includes the 7.0.1 update.

That menu is missing on mac too, C7.01

Looks like it was removed intentionally, since it’s not mentioned on the :question: help page. Would be nice to have that option back.