Preferences>key commands

I am trying to set ‘playback start/stop’ to the space bar as this is what i am used to from 10 years of using DAWs. when i try change the keybind of start/stop playback to space, dorico tells me that i cannot do this because ‘space’ is already assigned to ‘key sequence’.

heres the problem: “key sequence” doesnt exist in the list in prefences>key commands.

so what do i do? i honestly cant get used to pressing p, or enter. pressing cntrl+D then space everytime i want to play back the audio is weird,slow and clunky.

whilst im on this topic, is there a way to make playback such that it will always play from a specific section? in protools after playback you can set it to snap back to where it last played from - as opposed to it playing back, pausing, then playing back from where it paused - it snaps back to where it originally started playback from.

Space is already assigned to “start or stop playback / Playhead position.”

The “problem” is that space is also used for other things in different contexts in Dorico. For example in note input mode, it advances the orange note-input cursor. You can edit the score while it is playing back, but “space” can’t mean two different things at the same time.

You can play again from the previous start point. In the Edit / Preferences dialog, browse through all the options in Play / Move Playback to… and Play / Start or Stop Playback …, to see all the possibilities.