Preferences Option to Delete Files In Pool

In the Windows “Recycle Bin” we have an option to check "Do not move deleted items to Recycle Bin.

Oh how I would love a similar feature in Cubase preferences. “Do not move deleted items in Pool to trash.” Instead, erase them totally from my hard drive.

Knowing the cubendo preferences issues ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Imagine the possible issues if this was to be accidentally turned on for a user that expected it was off…

Options are good but… in general I get very nervous deleting files.

So in this case I want an extra layer of protection against deleting files by mistake.

An option that will send files deleted from the pool trash directly to the Windows recycle bin. That way it will give me “one more chance” before a final delete. That would be the default action that a user could opt out of.

IMO… to me it’s weird that CB does not already use the system recycle bin to begin with. :astonished:

I suggested this same thing “way back” in the CB 7 days. Maybe worth another post for CB 8… I’ll think about that. :bulb:

Regards :sunglasses:

The reason they don’t use the recycle bin is because of laziness. They brag that they can easily port their software to either a Microsoft or Macintosh computer. That makes it easier for Steinberg but it’s not ideal for customers. I wish they would consider us. I hate the media browser etc…