Preferences preset saving works badly

I have noticed that Cubase applys saved preferences from presets just by selecting them from the menu without clicking apply. I have made some changes to the preferences and tried to save them on a existing preset and once I have selected it all the changes were overwritten by selected preference that I have saved. It shouldn’t apply changes without clicking apply.

Could you please give a specific saved preference example, with specific reproduction?

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, certain preferences do work the way you describe.

I have made some changes to preferences and wanted to save it on existing preset I selected the preset and before I had a chance to click save all changes were lost becasue Cubase changed everything back to what the preset I selected to be saved on had in settings.

I edited the title, since this is not a software bug. Bugs are coding errors, and this is something that functions in a way you don’t like. (You’re not the only one)

Granted, the prefs preset system needs to evolve, it’s a very ancient function that has not been updated for many years.

To use it you must

  • type the exact preset name into the save dialog, hit the save button, and then confirm overwriting.

– or –

  • load the preset before you modify the settings, so when you hit save, the dialog loads with the name filled in already.


is a matter of opinion. I prefer that the preset is applied when loading it, since no other clicking is needed.

  • Many prefs are toggle-able with Key Commands. This is how Cubase tries to accommodate what you’re talking about.

If you ever want to add specificity to this topic others can give hints to workflows that might not be obvious, but which do work.


Not even sure about this because Apply serves a well defined function.
It is out of the Preset region to start with, and its purpose as we all know is to store the field we’ve just changed without the need to immediately click OK, in order that we can proceed with checking/editing other fields as well.

What could be done in the case that @Voxango presents here (changing preset from its comboBox) is Cubase showing a warning “Warning, you’ve made changes to the current preset that are not saved (applied). Continue?”, something like this, I think we get the point.

Generally, in the case that we want to “save as…” we can click “save” and we’re presented with a textBox which prompts for the name of the preset where we can actually write the one that we want, be it a previous one or a completely new one.

Well, in the in this context we could argue that there are defined options in preferencess functions eg. “Apply” which means this is being completely ommited when selecting a preset without any confirmation or notification that the change has been made. As the apply function is there it is fair to say it is clearly a bug related issue.

But not for loading presets. presets are applied when they are loaded because we are discussing a preference, not a function that will modify an object in the project. It’s akin to loading a VST preset. When you load it, do you get another button to click to finally apply it? If I did I would request that it be changed.

Furthermore, over the years, this workflow difficulty has been dealt with via key commands that set preferences on the fly, which then allows PLE presets to customize multiple preferences on the fly.

Beyond that, preferences themselves are not uniformly of the same genre, so a uniform method to save presets would not be applicable.

No, of course not, and same thing happens with the preferences presets and this is the expected behaviour. Where is the disagreement here?

I have to disagree, since preset selection is happening via a comboBox. Think of it this way: You open a text editor (outside of cubase) you drop down a combo for the text font size and you select a new one. Should it need an apply? Not in comboBoxes. What CAN be done in this specific case, as I’ve stated above and I see you agree with, is a warning message when things changed in a preset.

Of course. Like I said earlier, the prefs dialog and system is archaic, and needs to be reworked.

Cubase does not register anything when a pref preset is loaded, so it can’t warn the user that it changed. To fix this this requires the system to be redone, not a approach of piecemeal repairs.

If you agree with what I was saying, I didn’t understand your post! :slight_smile:

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Ok if that is the design then where is confirmation window or a warning that you have made unsaved changes before the preset is applied?

I can understand that the prefs dialog may be archaic, though I don’t personally faced any issues, but still I’m not a really experienced Cubase user to get to see inneficiencies. However, even if it needs a rework, it won’t be really hard for Steinberg :slight_smile:

famous last words!! :joy:

Isn’t this what I also propose? Our disagreement is not on whether this option should exist, I’m with you on this. It’s simply because we cannot consider this to be a bug but rather a feature that would be really useful in such cases. Perhaps you should tag your thread as as “feature-request”, I will vote for that :slight_smile:

Guess you’ve heard of this one many times in the past, right? :grin:

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Alright, I get that but when you look at Cubase 12 and the features, then old features design just looks like a bug I have not used cubase properly before Cubase 12 so when I see things like that pop up it instantly looks like a bug becasue it just doen’t make sense with the up to date features and behavior. We are being sold Cubase with the best front end features but then you start digging into the software and things just get very 1990s…

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Yes indeed.